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Philadelphia Elections tomorrow

Ok, all - it's a low excitement voting year, but that's no reason to get complacent. Remember, because less people are voting, your vote counts more!

Right, so that being said, at least in Philadelphia, the elections are:
DA, Controller, and 1 million judge positions.

In case it's helpful: I think it's pretty safe to vote on party lines this election. I'm fairly impressed with the dem DA candidate, Seth Williams. And the incumbent controller, Alan Butkovitz, seems like he has his act together. As for the 1 meeelllion judges. I've done a bit of research, and here's what I've found:
* Planned Parenthood is endorsing democratic judicial candidates only this year.
They're voters guide is here
* Committee of Seventy, as usual has info about the candidates, _but_ it's mostly name lists this year. You can see those lists, and a sample ballot here: Co70: upcoming election info
* None of the major democratic judicial candidates I looked into (which was a fair number of them) are coming up on google search with unappealing news articles linked to them. yay!
* In addition to the newly elected judicial candidates, there's also a lot of judges up for retention yes/no voting. (ie, should they keep their jobs: yes/no). The Philadelphia Bar Association surveyed a large number of their lawyers for opinions about these judges. It's a pretty interesting survey, and you can see it here: Philadelphia Bar: Rentention Judges Survey. Of the relevant (to me) judges thus surveyed, the only one with dodgy results was Glynnis Hill who got in the 60% range for a number of fairly important questions like: Does this judge demonstrate the requisite legal ability to perform his/her judicial duties.
The bar association also has some other election guide tools that could be handy: Philadelphia Bar Election Tools