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Strawberry Slump

Oh, New England fruit desserts, with your funny names.

Bitmonger and I made Strawberry Slump yesterday, with the leftover strawberries we had that were about to go bad on us. We adjusted the Blueberry Slump recipe from King Arthur Baker's Companion, but really it's very simple, it goes something like this:

* melt half a stick of butter into the bottom of your baking dish
* clean and chop up your fruit of choice, and put into the baking dish
* slop some biscuit dough on top
* pour simple syrup, infused with lemon juice (or your flavoring of choice), on top of that
* bake that puppy for 40 min 350 degrees.


It could be argued that Bitmonger and I ate the vast majority of this creation for our supper. NOM!



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Feb. 10th, 2010 06:32 pm (UTC)

in feb!

i love living in the future
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