Congress Passes Health Care reform

10 things you get within the next 6 months from HCR

Daily Kos' David Waldman (aka Kagro X) and noted policy wonk says:

For those still unsure about whether or not Congress can vote on a bill amending another bill that hasn't yet become law, you just saw them do it. The House passed a reconciliation bill that amends the main Senate health insurance reform bill, but that's not law yet, even though it's now passed both houses. That doesn't happen until President Obama signs it. --David Waldman
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Adventures of Frankentea, ctd

I like to use the random teabags Republic of tea sends me.

1 bag of Republic of Tea Chocolate Strawberry caffeeine free red-something-rooibos?
3 bags of Trader Joe's decaf irish breakfast

Since the choc-strawberry smelled a little like a weird valentines scratch and sniff, I cut the steep time to a mere 5 minutes.

Steeped in a container half full of boiling water.
Removed teabags.
Filled container rest of way with cold (filtered - no schyukill punch here) water. Then chilled overnight.

Results: Well, it's definitely weird, but it's not awful. I'm not sure bitmonger will drink it, though. I'm not sure he'll even try it. He was pretty skeptical. Might work sweetened. Chocolate flavor fairly pronounced. Drinkable, but weird.
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Economy buzz

Adam Haslett: "For the last 30 years, government policy makers, Geithner among them, have accepted the basic fallacy that the free market is a natural phenomenon and thus, ultimately, a subject of science rather than politics. This, more than any particular policy decision or response to the crisis, is the ethical and intellectual failing at the heart of American governance in the conservative era."
Stranger: Is the Treasury Secretary Doing a Good Job?

Noting: I'm trying to get better about posting links to multiple locations.
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Strawberry Slump

Oh, New England fruit desserts, with your funny names.

Bitmonger and I made Strawberry Slump yesterday, with the leftover strawberries we had that were about to go bad on us. We adjusted the Blueberry Slump recipe from King Arthur Baker's Companion, but really it's very simple, it goes something like this:

* melt half a stick of butter into the bottom of your baking dish
* clean and chop up your fruit of choice, and put into the baking dish
* slop some biscuit dough on top
* pour simple syrup, infused with lemon juice (or your flavoring of choice), on top of that
* bake that puppy for 40 min 350 degrees.


It could be argued that Bitmonger and I ate the vast majority of this creation for our supper. NOM!

Prop 8 Trial Tracker - Quote of the Day

(I've been posting about this more on Facebook, but thought I'd aim something at LJ today.)

Where prop 8 lawyer Boies asks questions of Yes on Prop 8 organizer Tam:
B: Do you believe that homosexuals are more likely to molest children?
T: Yes, I do.
B: Based on what?
T: From academic papers.
B: Which academic papers?
T: Some could be news and some could be journalists.
B: I'm not asking you what it could be. Was it a book? An article? Who wrote it?
T: I don't remember. I don't know.

And then later
B: Your paper says that after Netherlands legalized SS marriage, Netheralands legalized incest and polygamy. Do you believe that?
T: Same sex marriage may not have led to legalization of incest and polygamy, but it happened.
B: Who told you that?
T: I found it on the Internet.

Word of the Day: Stupak

And from the Coining new words department...

Stupak (n) - The sepsis commonly experienced after unsafe back alley abortions


(In case the meaning isn't clear, read this and be horrified: Ezra Klein: A very bad deal to pass a very good bill
also: Daily Kos' mcjoan: What the Stupak-Pitts Coathanger Amendment Does
and for my fellow compatriots out here in PA, looks like our Casey's gearing up to propel this atrocity in the Senate
Update II: looks like Obama does not support the Stupak amendment - ABC: Obama: 'This is a Health Care Bill, Not an Abortion Bill'.
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Philadelphia Elections tomorrow

Ok, all - it's a low excitement voting year, but that's no reason to get complacent. Remember, because less people are voting, your vote counts more!

Right, so that being said, at least in Philadelphia, the elections are:
DA, Controller, and 1 million judge positions.

In case it's helpful: I think it's pretty safe to vote on party lines this election. I'm fairly impressed with the dem DA candidate, Seth Williams. And the incumbent controller, Alan Butkovitz, seems like he has his act together. As for the 1 meeelllion judges. I've done a bit of research, and here's what I've found:
* Planned Parenthood is endorsing democratic judicial candidates only this year.
They're voters guide is here
* Committee of Seventy, as usual has info about the candidates, _but_ it's mostly name lists this year. You can see those lists, and a sample ballot here: Co70: upcoming election info
* None of the major democratic judicial candidates I looked into (which was a fair number of them) are coming up on google search with unappealing news articles linked to them. yay!
* In addition to the newly elected judicial candidates, there's also a lot of judges up for retention yes/no voting. (ie, should they keep their jobs: yes/no). The Philadelphia Bar Association surveyed a large number of their lawyers for opinions about these judges. It's a pretty interesting survey, and you can see it here: Philadelphia Bar: Rentention Judges Survey. Of the relevant (to me) judges thus surveyed, the only one with dodgy results was Glynnis Hill who got in the 60% range for a number of fairly important questions like: Does this judge demonstrate the requisite legal ability to perform his/her judicial duties.
The bar association also has some other election guide tools that could be handy: Philadelphia Bar Election Tools
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Random Cooking Urges

My desire to cook has been extremely inconsistent of late. One day it's ~whine~ donwanna, and then yesterday I made from-scratch-tomato-sauce, meatloaf (of taking 2 hour - ngh), roasted veggies, mushroom gravy, and a gingerbread just to even things out, and because I've been having a hankering for gingerbread, and also because apparently I must really love doing the dishes. Forgetting that G won't be eating with me tonight, and we usually eat out on Wednesday. I may need to contemplate freezing that tomato sauce, but I have no idea what that would do to it, having never tried such a thing before.